LOCUS CELL CO., LTD. is led by the former Superintendent of National Taiwan University Hospital, Dr. Hong-Nerng Ho, in collaboration with Hitachi Group and Dr. Kazuchika Furuishi, former CEO of Minaris which is the world's number one market share company in cell therapy CDMO. The company will build a PIC/S GMP-compliant cell facility in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park, focusing on CDMO services for cellular products. The company will introduce advanced cell therapy products and technology resources from abroad and cooperate with Taiwan's rich medical clinical resources to create the largest cell therapy facility in Asia, focusing on the contract manufacturing of domestic and foreign cellular business. We are entering the global regenerative medicine supply chain with an international perspective of Taiwan-Japan cooperation and are working with Taiwan's biotech industry to create glory together.


1. Over 20 years of CDMO professional experience
2. International supply chain spanning Europe, America and Japan
3. Contract manufacturing of clinical grade cellular products
4. Cell processing development services
5. Cell production quality management


1. Regenerative medicine clinical research
2. Production and sales of cell therapy products
3. Multiple cell therapy treatment plans approved under the "Regulations of Special Medical Techniques"
4. Passed the GTP certification by Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare
5. Passed ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation standards
6. Strategic cooperation with medical centers all over Taiwan

Hitachi Group

1. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical solutions for more than 70 years
2. High-quality and mass-production regenerative medicine technology
3. High-precision and high-complexity cell production technology
4. Fully automated cell culture equipment
5. Modular cell processing facility

Business Model

Business Department Division One

Tissue Engineering CDMO

✦ Adipose-Derived Stem Cells
✦ Nerve Cells
✦ Chondrocytes
✦ Fibroblasts
✦ Epithelial Cells
✦ 3D Printing Cell Products
✦ Other Cell Products

Business Department Division Two

Global Regenerative Medical Products CDMO

✦ iPSC
✦ Other cell types

Business Strategy Development Department

Build an international platform for domestic manufacturers

✦ Provide facilities for international standardized tests
✦ Assist in cell product development and optimization
✦ Assist in marketing cell products abroad
✦ Matching domestic hospitals with foreign pharmaceutical companies
✦ Assist in clinical trials and research and development

Executive Committee

Global Consultant Group

Board of Directors

  • Legal Representative
  • Natural Person
  • Independent Director

Contact Information


19F.-12, No.97, Sec. 1, Xintai 5th Rd., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

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